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STR370: Learning the Stratasys F370

STR370: Learning the Stratasys F370

Thanks for your interest in STR370: Learning the Stratasys F370!

This is an advanced workshop at the University of Wyoming Engineering Student Innovation Center (EERBSIC) makerspace, and teaches you how to use the Stratasys F370 industrial 3D printers to print in ABS or TPU materials. You'll need to attend this course before you can use the F370 machine unsupervised. STR370 covers basic operation of the Stratasys F370, and running the GrabCAD software.

Please make sure to enroll in the Makerspace Badge Training Program to ensure you receive a badge at the end of this course. You can use your badges to track what you've learned, show potential employers, and (after earning enough badges) even receive fun perks like discounted or free material use, after-hours access, and even an invitation to participate and vote as part of the Makerspace Community Subcommittee. Almost all of our equipment requires workshop training and badges before use.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019
3:30pm - 4:30pm
EERB #127
  3D Printing  
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Zach Hunter

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